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Oct 27 2011

A new website for Video Lectures – the Economics Classroom

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you’ll notice that over the last month or so, I have begun posting many video lectures to YouTube and including them in lessons and activities on this blog. My adventures in the “flipped classroom” model of instruction has proven extremely successful, as I have heard much positive feedback from students who have found the videos useful reinforcement for our regular class activities and a helpful tool for revision.

As this project has developed, however, I have begun to notice that this blog has turned into more of a video hosting site and less of what it has always been, which is a written journal of economic analysis targeted at the high school economic student. While I have begun making video lectures, I do not want to neglect the traditional form of blogging that has guided my activities on this site for almost five years.

Therefore, I have decided to add a new site to the selection of resources already available through Welker’s Wikinomics. As of tonight, I have created The Economics Classroom, a website built exclusively for my video lectures. From now on, all video lectures uploaded to YouTube will be published on the new site, at

Videos will be organized in categories based on the five units of the IB Economics syllabus: Intro, Micro, Macro, International and Development Economics. Much like blog posts on this blog, videos posted to the Economics Classroom will include discussion questions or in-class activities for students to complete on their own or during class with their peers and their teacher’s help.

Please visit the Economics Classroom and enjoy the videos that are there. Currently, only about 17 video lectures have been posted, but I am recording on average three per week, and by the end of this year I anticipate there will be around 100 lectures available on the site. Over the next two years, I will record over 150 lectures covering every topic from the IB and AP Economics syllabuses.

Leave your feedback on the posts. Join the discussions that are already going on on some of the posts. Tell your friends, your teachers, and your students about the site! The more people who use it, the better it will become!

Thanks for everything!


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