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Apr 14 2008

Recession: good for your health?

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Recession may be bad for your income, employment and level of consumption, but it might be just what you need to get yourself into better shape! Turns out when times are tough economically, Americans are at their healthiest. Listen to this short conversation:

What do you think? Is this ridiculous or is there really something to it?

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Jan 30 2008

IB Econ research assignment – Wed, Jan 30 in class

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Barriers to Economic Development:
For ONE of the developing country’s you’ve chosen, research the extent to which the following institutional, political, international trade, and international financial barriers hinder its economic growth and/or development:

Institutional and Political Barriers:

  1. lack of provision of education and health care
  2. the extent and quality of infrastructure
  3. poor financial services/banking system
  4. absence of sound legal system
  5. lack of political stability
  6. extent of corruption

International Trade Barriers:

  1. overdependence on primary products
  2. adverse terms of trade
  3. narrow range of exports
  4. Protectionism in international trade

International Financial Barriers:

  1. Indebtedness
  2. Capital Flight
  3. Non-convertible currencies

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Jun 08 2007

Summer vacation

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As those of you who are teachers know, summer is a time to detach yourself from school and learning, at least for a while, to rejuvenate in a place of beauty. My wife and I are off to Bali for two and a half weeks before we head home to Seattle and Idaho for the rest of the summer. It will probably be a few weeks before my next post, so please check back towards the end of June. Have a nice summer, wherever the wind and waves happen to take you! -Jason

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May 01 2007

Successful Surgery – ready for the homestretch!

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Well, I’ve made it back in one piece after a five day “medical” vacation to Thailand. Four and a half hours under general anesthesia, two-titanium staples in my shoulder, and a bout 40 stitches to sew up the cut, and I’m back in business! Hopefully you all enjoyed your four day weekend in a more pleasant fashion than through a morphine haze in a hospital bed. But in all reality, the surgery couldn’t have gone better. By 11 am the morning after I felt much better and decided I didn’t need to spend a second night in the hospital, so I checked myself out and met some friends for brunch at Bangkok’s best breakfast place! Of course by 4 in the afternoon I was dying so retired to my friend’s apartment, popped some codeine and spent the rest of Sunday and the net day laying around watching DVDs trying to manage the pain.

Good news is I’m back in teaching form, just in time to lead my AP students on the homestretch towards their Micro and Macro exams, which are two weeks from this Thursday. Heads up, you can expect one long day of Economics, with the Macro exam at 8:00 am and the Micro exam at 12:00 noon. Both are in the high school gym. I should also alert you that calculators are NOT allowed on the exam, so as you complete practice FRQs and MC questions, try to do them without the help of a calculator. We’ll begin our review after this week’s Unit VI test, should have four or five class periods to review micro and macro. See you all in class!

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Apr 14 2007

A new (and permanent) home!

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Okay guys, here it is… I promise, you can count on it… the new home for Welker’s Wikinomics Blog!

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