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Oct 23 2007

The World Trade Organization – a podcast introduction by IB Econ students at SAS

Understanding the World Trade Organization

Below is an audio introduction to the World Trade Organization, courtesy of my year 2 IB Econ students here at SAS. Our current unit (IB Unit 4) examines free trade, global economic integration, and the WTO among other topics. As an introduction to the WTO, student were asked to record a two-minute podcast of the main ideas from a specific page on the WTO’s website. Below are their summaries of the basic functions and agreements of the organization, summarized and podcasted for your listening pleasure!

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Oct 23 2007

WTO – a podcast introduction, continued…

Introduction to the WTO, continued…

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Oct 22 2007

SAS Economists Podcast #3: Competition in the Baked Goods Market at SAS

By Nicole Wong and Katherine Yang

Podcast number 3 investigates the competitive market among groups selling baked goods here at Shanghai American School. The annual Relay for Life requires teams to raise 5,000 RMB (equal to about $650) in order to enter in the Relay. The most popular method of raising this entry fee is through bakes sales. This means that the month or so before Relay for Life SAS enters its “bake sale season” when countless teams try and push their products on teachers and students alike.

This podcast will explore the nature of the market for baked goods at SAS, determine the elasticity of demand for baked goods, and explore the prospects for increasing profits among teams hoping to make an easy kuai in the month leading up to the Relay for Life.

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Oct 21 2007

China’s automobile market – an example of Economies of Scale

Gulfnews: Economies of scale should drive China’s auto market

Last week in AP Economics we introduced the concept of Economies of Scale. The graph below was created and added to our Wiki page by student Kevin Chiu to illustrate the concept, as well as two other concepts: constant returns to scale and diseconomies of scale. Notice that the section of a firms long-run average total cost curve over which ATC is decreasing is identified as the period over which the firm is experiencing economies of scale.

The idea is that as firms open new plants during these early stages of production, they increase their efficiency in production, thus experience a decline in their average costs. Click the “read the rest of this entry” link below to learn how the Chinese automotive market is struggling with economies of scale in their attempt to compete with each other and foreign car manufacturers…

The Long-Run Cost Curve - courtesy of Kevin Chiu

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Oct 20 2007

SAS Economists Podcast #2: Determinants of demand for Starbucks vs. The Coffee Bean

By Claire Moon and So Yeon Yoon

For our second installment of the SAS Economists Podcast, Claire and So Yeon survey 55 students to discover what determines where they prefer to get their coffee fix in the Shanghai neighborhood of Gubei. They discover through their research that consumers base their decisions on a variety of reasons, and that price, while important, is not the only factor that determines which particular products consumers will purchase. Location, tastes, size of the market, and various other factors all play a role in consumer’s decisions between two alternatives in a competitive market like that for coffee in Gubei, a trendy neighborhood with no shortage of coffee outlets.

Click below to hear this excellent and enlightening investigation into consumer behavior and the determinants of demand for coffee in modern Shanghai!


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