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The Economics Classroom

Over 100 video lectures organized by section of the syllabus providing explanations of the basic concepts of an introductory Economics course. Other resources include an Econ dictionary, flashcards and downloadable practice activities

PowerPoints and Revision Guides

Indispensable resources for teachers and students. 19 PowerPoints and accompanying revision guides covering topics from Microeconomics, Theory of the Firm, Macroeconomics, International Trade and Development Economics

Economics in Plain English

A blog providing in depth Economic analysis of current events written for the introductory Econ student. Other resources include detailed lesson plans, hints and tips for commentary and essay writing and worked solutions to various Econ problems


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Practice Activities with Answer Keys


The newest resource from Welker’s Wikinomics. Nearly 60 activities to assign your students in class or as homework, including detailed answer keys. The perfect complement to the free video lectures!