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Feb 04 2009

Another insightful economic discsussion on the Daily Show: how to make fiscal stimulus work

I love this discussion between John Stewart and former director of the National Economics Council Lawrence Lindsey. Stewart pitches his own version of a fiscal stimulus package to the economist, and is surprised when Lindsey agrees with the plan.

I find Lindsey’s suggestion that a stimulus package should include subsidized mortgage rates to home owners fascinating. According to Lindsey, a homeowner with a $200,000 mortgage paying 6% interest on his loan would save $4,000 per year on interest payments if the government accommodated a refinanced rate of 4%. Millions of Americans currently struggling to meet all of their monthly debt obligations while continuing to put food on the table and participate in the consumer economy would benefit from such a scheme. In its current form, Obama’s stimulus package with its $150 billion or so in tax cuts will only put approximately $500 per year for two years into taxpayers’ pockets.

As a homeowner paying a 6% mortgage myself, I can personally say I’d prefer $4,000 in savings on my annual interest payments for the next 23 years (the time remaining on my mortgage) than I would $1000 in cash over the next two years. The mortgage relief plan would result in nearly $100,000 less in interest payments, freeing that income up to be spent on goods and services and contributing to real job creation.

And check out last night’s “moment of Zen”. While Obama’s stimulus package is not quite $1 trillion, it is darn close. Senator Mitch McConnell puts the vast size of the spending bill into perspective for us:

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Dec 04 2008

Are you prepared for the new alternate currency?

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xkcd – A Webcomic – Alternate Currency

Alternate Currency

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Nov 24 2008

“Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy”

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Comedian Louis CK puts things into perspective for us in these hard economic times. As he says, “Everything is amazing right now, yet nobody’s happy.”

Louis CK “Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy”

Much of what Louis jokes about here refers to technologies that members of my generation hardly remember and that my students had never seen. This video did make me think… with all the talk today of the Great Depression, a new period of prolonged economic hardship in America and the world, it is easy to forget just how amazing our innovative economy really is. The impact of technology on our lives is astounding, and the pace of change humans have witnessed in the last 50 years is unprecedented in human history.

Hat tip to Tim Schilling at MV=PQ Blog for the link!

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Oct 04 2008

“Business Syphillis” – Colbert debates himself on the causes of and the cure for America’s sick economy

Formidable Opponent – Business Syphilis | Thursday October 2 |

Business syphilis infects the market after a corporate orgy…

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Jul 21 2008

“It’s the Stupid Economy”

Headlines – It’s the Stupid Economy | The Daily Show With Jon Stewart | Comedy Central

Thanks to Greg Mankiw for the link…

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