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Jun 08 2008

Welker’s Wikinomics Blog ~ mixing “depression with hope” and having it all made “somewhat understandable”

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The Employment Law Blog by John Phillips

I receive an alert every time another website links to my blog. When I received one this morning telling me that John Phillips at the Employment Law Blog linked here, I checked out his post and saw that he had done a post sharing with readers some of his favorite blogs. I just love the description he gives of this blog, which, when I think about it, is quite accurate and telling:

Another site to check out if you want a take on politics and the economy is, particularly if you want to mix depression with hope and have it all made somewhat understandable.

Thanks for the plug, John. I’m glad to hear that I am making economics at least somewhat understandable!

Check out John’s Law blog for an interesting take on how legal issues affect the workplace.

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