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Nov 13 2014

Market failure blog post activity and student-created study guide

Over the years I have written many posts on this blog about market failure. The purpose of this activity is for students to re-visit some of these posts, reflect on different types of market failure, and then complete a short survey in which they demonstrate their understanding of the topic.

With the results from the survey, we will have assembled a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the different types of market failure we study, including definitions, examples, graphical representations and possible government responses. This document can then be used for review by Economics students studying for a market failure test.

First, you must get into five groups and each group must read a couple of blog posts about their assigned market failure type.

Group 1: Public Goods:

Group 2: Positive consumption externalities:

Group 3: Positive production externalities:

Group 4: Common Access Resources and the Tragedy of the Commons

Group 5: Information Asymmetry
Group 6: Income Inequality

Once your group has read and discussed the blog posts you were assigned, work together to complete the following form. Only click submit once all questions have been answered!

Google Form – Market Failure Definitions and Examples

Once each group has submitted the form, the results can be viewed publicly here:

Market Failure Definitions and Examples Study Guide

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