May 04 2012

Economic flashcards now ready to review on!

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Flashcards – all units | The Economics Classroom

I’ve been hard at work the last two weeks creating new tools for the Introductory Economics students preparing for their AP, IB, or other exams this month. My latest addition to my website,, is Flashcards for all the key terms in the AP and IB Econ syllabuses. The flashcards also work very well on mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad), and can be easily accessed from my new Mobile App, available for various devices here: – the Mobile App.

You can study flashcards from the entire syllabus or from one unit at a time. You’re presented with ten flashcards at a time, which you should try and master before clicking the “shuffle” button to get ten new flashcards from the unit you’re studying. The cards always appear in random order. If you wish to review key terms in alphabetical order, you are best served by another recent addition to, the dictionary.

If there are any key terms or concepts you think could be added to the dictionary or the flashcards, please log in and leave a comment on the page for the unit you think a term should be added to, I will respond to all comments quickly with the addition of the terms requested!

Enjoy! And good luck on this months exams!


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