Jun 11 2008

Welker’s daily links 06/10/2008

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  • Blogger James Wexler summarizes McCain and Obama’s strategies for dealing with America’s housing crisis:

    “Sen. Obama has suggested $10billion in government funding to help homeowners sell their homes of modify their loans to avoid bankruptcy or Foreclosure.

    Sen. McCain feels like this is a bailout. He feels struggling homeowner and borrowers should share the responsibility and if helped should share equity (if there is a gain) with the lender and Federal Government.

    Obama wants the government to lend money to struggling home owners. Money which usually comes in the form of higher taxes

    McCain has pledged to eliminate (AMT ) taxes. A break that many Americans want (and need). However AMT tax cut with other extended tax cuts leaves less money for such help to home owners. Unless, other government programs are sacrificed. A move, most do not want.”

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  • “High oil prices are here to stay due to heightened political risks, irresponsible behavior by oil-producing governments and growing global demand outside U.S. control. Oil is a finite resource which is produced by a partially cartelized imperfect market. Consumer countries should expand cooperation in order to level the playing field and reduce prices by increasing investment and production, promoting conservation, and diminishing geopolitical risks. Yet, in the long term, high demand, inadequate supply and severe geopolitical risks combine to make oil a problematic transportation fuel.”

    tags: economics, oil prices, scarcity, resources

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