Apr 14 2008

Every graph you need to know for AP Econonomics – in one place!

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Micro and Macro Graphs – Welker’s Wikinomics Page

Throughout the year, I’ve been saving the graphs we’ve learned in class on the Smartboard. Just yesterday Wetpaint, our wiki provider, added a new feature allowing users to create albums of uploaded images. I have created two albums (Micro and Macro), found through the link above, containing all of the graphs we learned this year.

Here’s the catch: the graphs contain no titles or detailed descriptions. That’s where YOU come in. Follow the link above, enter an album, and add any information you know about the graphs or images there. Of course, you as an individual don’t have to do more than one or two, but YOU as a group of AP Econ students need to complete all 60 or so descriptions before May 8.

Use your notes, the wiki pages, and text book to recall the important information for each of the graphs. By May 8, one week before your AP Exams, we should have one place to go to review all of the graphs you learned this year, full color images, titles and descriptions included!

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    THX a Lot…

    I've been looking for this for days

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