Apr 13 2008

SAS students organize swimathon to help fight malaria in Africa – here’s how you can help!

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Shanghai American School AquaEagles – World Swim Against Malaria

Students, teacher, parents, readers… here’s a good opportunity to spread good will and support students who truly care and want to make a difference in the world. The SAS swim team has organized a “World Swim Against Malaria” swimathon on Friday, April 18. The Aqua Eagle have set up a website where anyone can go and make a donation, small or large, $1 to $100, anything you can offer is welcome!

The money raised will go straight towards buying mosquito nets for residents of sub-Saharan African countries. A mosquito net costs $5 US, or roughly 7 days wages for a Malawian worker. One to three million die of malaria each, year, 70% of whom are children under five. Today alone, seven jumbo jets could be filled with the corpses of malaria victims.

Malaria is a disease of those in poverty. The simple solution to this disease is providing access to the simplest of technologies: a mesh bed net.

For each $100 the swim team raises, 20 nets will end up over the heads and beds of children in Africa. $100 could potentially save 20 lives right now. If you want to help out, follow the link above and make your donation now!

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  1. Mosquito nets Indiaon 26 Sep 2012 at 8:20 am

    To eradicate poverty in a small African country, it is necessary to conduct Olympic games and FIFA world cup for charity purposes. For the growth and welfare of a country, poverty is the obstruction. It is good to provide free education to the poor children. Apart from providing Mosquito nets, the charity organizations should educate about the cleanliness and hygienic life.