Jun 01 2007

Pot bust threatens US balance of trade with Mexico and British Columbia

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The Columbus Dispatch : Pot growers hid on 2 acres of state landwacky tabaccy

Okay, so maybe my headline is a bit of a stretch… but man, how did these guys almost get away with this? Two Mexicans on two acres of land in the middle of Ohio, growing $10.5 million worth of pot!?

Officers from four agencies descended on Mackey Ford Wildlife Area on Rt. 762 in Pickaway County yesterday morning to bag more than 10,000 immature marijuana plants. The crop would have been worth an estimated $10.5 million on the street if harvested.

What’s unusual about the operation, besides its size, is that the growers were living in the woods with the plants. And they appear to have been from Mexico.

“This is common on the West Coast,” said Scott Duff, an agent with the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. “But we’ve never seen this here. It’s new territory for us.”

John Whitehead at Environmental Economics thinks there may be another example of the Coase bargaining theorem here… if only these guys weren’t off to federal prison:

Environmental Economics: Well it is public land afterall!

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